Boccia is a sport that originates from the favourite Italian pastime. It’s a non-contact, target-driven sport, which relies on skill and subtlety, rather than size, strength or speed. Spelt B-O-C-C-I-A but pronounced ‘Botcha’. Boccia made its first appearance at the 1992 Paralympics in Barcelona. Today, it remains the premier sport for athletes with severe disabilities and provides spectators and competitors with thrilling, high-level competition.

The introduction of Boccia as a game for people with various disabilities has proven to be very popular among the participants. The game itself is very similar in style to bowls in the way it is played with three players on each team. One team has a set of red balls and the other team has a set of blue balls. A white ball is rolled out first and the aim is to get your team’s balls as close to the white ball as possible. This creates great excitement among participants.

If anyone is interested in taking part in Boccia please contact Elaine on 09066 30853 or