active-leadershipThe Active Leadership Course is a Sport Ireland programme designed specifically for any community volunteer who is actively involved, or plans to be involved in local youth clubs, community groups, workplace clubs, sports clubs or community centres.

Those who successfully complete the course will have an understanding of their role as a Leader, and will have acquired the awareness, knowledge and skills needed to run enjoyable and safe physical activities. The course will incorporate all the different aspects of the role of leaders including Communication, Observation and Group Management.

The course will provide the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to plan, organise and lead the delivery of a safe activity session. The Active Leadership Award is highly recommended for anyone, young or old, who is already involved, or is considering getting involved in coaching/volunteer work or community work. Trainee leaders must be over 18.

Upon assessment and completion, each candidate will be awarded an Active Leadership Award Certificate, certified by Sport Ireland. Assessment involves the satisfactory completion of a final practical assessment on either a warm up, activity based warm up, main activity or cool down. If you are interested in attending or for more information contact us on 090 6630853 or