Fit Farmers aims to empower and educate farmers of all ages and abilities, to improve their overall health and wellbeing. The 6 week programme focuses on improving fitness, strength, balance, co-ordination and stamina. The programme has helped over 110 participants in Dysart, Ballaghaderreen, Culleen, Moore, as well as online.

The programme consists of health-promoting lectures on various health topics, such as back care and posture, diet, sleep, heart health, mental health, and prostate and skin cancer. This is followed by physical activity ‘farm to 5K’ workouts which aims to improve fitness, strength, stamina, balance and coordination. Participants are also offered free health checks and a chartered physiotherapist provides a specifically tailored back and joint care programme for farmers.

The Fit Farmers programme is delivered by registered nurse Laura Tully. There has been significant evidence reported that identifies farmers as being at very high risk of numerous health issues. Their busy schedule leads to farmers not prioritising exercise and consuming an unbalanced diet, which can be detrimental to their overall health and wellbeing. The Fit Farmers programme aims to show the participants that it is never too late to make improvements to your health and the benefits of engaging in a programme such as this are extraordinary.

Previous programmes have seen participants achieve outstanding results in terms of weight loss, increased strength, improved cardiovascular fitness, increased physical activity, improved sleep as well as positive gains in mental and social health.

The programme has received massive recognition both locally in Roscommon and nationally across Ireland. 

Before commencing the programme, I found it difficult to motivate myself to walk regularly. I completed the 21-day walking challenge and continue to walk daily.

(2021 Online Programme Participant)
I implemented simple and small changes as advised, always having healthy options in the press and fridge makes a huge difference.
(2021 Online Programme Participant)

I used to often have to nap during the day, or have a sleep in the tractor down the field, now I can stay going all day and not feel tired all the time, I sleep better at night when I do go to bed

(2019 Online Programme Participant)

The initiative is funded by Healthy Ireland, supported by Roscommon Sports Partnership, Pobal, Sport Ireland and is proudly endorsed by Roscommon Irish Farmers Association.