Mens Movement and Motivation Programme

Mens Movement and Motivation Programme

The ‘Men’s Movement & Motivation’ initiative is a six-week programme of health promoting workshops and workouts which are specifically designed for men aged 35 and older living in rural Roscommon. The programme seeks to improve health and well-being in line with the Healthy Ireland Framework for Improved Health and Wellbeing 2013-2025 and the Healthy Roscommon Plan (2018-2021) as well as the National Physical Activity Plan.

It is proposed to deliver this programme throughout rural Roscommon, targeting the most disadvantaged groups and areas which experience health inequalities. The programme seeks to equip participants with the education, knowledge, guidance and support necessary to improve their overall health and wellbeing. The programme workshops will focus on the indicators of health and wellbeing and will address nutrition, smoking, alcohol, physical activity and mental health.

This programme will be delivered locally and facilitates cross-sectoral and partnership networks that promote health and well-being. The programme workshops and heart health screening will be extended to members of the public in the community. This programme will have an additional benefit of increasing and enhancing social connectedness.

This programme is funded by Healthy Ireland, supported by Roscommon County Council and Local Community Development Committee (LCDC).

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