Buntús Play and Sport

Buntús Play and Sport are two exciting programmes which complement the games strand of the Physical Education curriculum in Primary Schools and is offered to all primary schools and special needs schools through the Local Sports Partnership network. This programme was developed to support teachers in delivering young people a fun, but high-quality, introduction to sport and physical activity.

  • Buntús Play is designed for 4 to 9-year-olds, introducing core skills and fun games.
  • Buntús Sport builds on Buntús Play, introducing specific modified sports to 7 to 11-year-olds, and offers the first step for children to lead, officiate and organise in sport.

The programmes help develop fundamental skills such as sending, receiving and travelling with a ball, to engage in game-like situations which include running, dodging, chasing, and exploiting space. Simple games are played first as individuals than in pairs and small groups.

Each school receives two large bags of colourful, child-friendly equipment, training and resource cards illustrating the different activities. The school is asked to commit to a 4-hour training session for delivering the Buntús programme and to make regular use of the resources provided.

Buntús Generic Revisits

All 96 primary schools in Roscommon have already received their training and equipment from the Buntús Programme. However, as part of this programme, all schools also have a revisit. This is a support visit and not a test.

School visits are to last approximately 2 hours.  One or two classes can be taken depending on the sizes of the classes.  The teachers highlight any problems or issues they may be having with the programme. Then together with the teacher, the tutor begins with a warm-up and then works through the cards that the teachers have highlighted.

32 schools throughout Roscommon have already received their revisit, however, if your school was not one of those please contact us to avail of the revisit and arrange a date or if your school simply needs more information, please contact us on 090 6630853 or info@rosactive.org

Buntús Sport Specific

Building on from the success of the Buntús Generic Programme, the Irish Sports Council has linked with the FAI, IRFU, Badminton Ireland, Junior Golf Ireland and Basketball Ireland to deliver the Buntús Sports Specific Programmes to Primary and Special Needs Schools in the Local Sports Partnership areas.

The training is provided by the Regional Development Officers from the National Governing Bodies and specially trained Buntús tutors, it is similar to the Buntús Programme in that following this training, each school will receive a bag of the sports specific equipment from the Sporting Governing Bodies. In Roscommon, the FAI have delivered this programme to all schools, Badminton Ireland, Junior Golf Ireland and Basketball Ireland have also delivered the programme to a number of groups.

If your school is interested contact us 090 6630853 or the regional development officer in the above Sporting Governing Bodies.