About the Scheme: 

The Roscommon Sports Partnership Community Sport and Physical Activity Small Grant Scheme is part of a programme from the Government of Ireland, implemented through Sport Ireland and its network of Local Sports Partnerships to support the sport and physical activity sector with returning to activity following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. This scheme is designed to support eligible clubs, groups and organisations with access to funding of up to €1,000 to restart activity for their respective members and the wider community as well as covering costs associated with adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. Funding for this scheme was secured by Roscommon Sports Partnership from Sport Ireland as part of the Government’s €80 million support package announcement in December 2021. 

A maximum of €1,000 can be provided to each club/community group. Applicants should not feel they need to apply for the full amount to be considered for the grant.   

Local clubs affiliated to an NGB, should apply directly to the respective NGB for support.  

Applications must clearly demonstrate a link to the provision of a physical activity initiative in their sports club or community organisation. 

Applications must be made to Roscommon Sports Partnership by 8th of August 


Who can apply? 

Any of the below that are based in county Roscommon: 

  • Community Sports Clubs providing specific wider community-based activity programmes will be considered as part of this scheme. e.g. a club hosting Men on the Move, Women on the Move, non-member activities/classes, older adults activities, social sport and inclusive activities etc. 
  •  Community Groups providing opportunities for people in the community to get active. i.e. Active Retirement groups, Men’s Sheds, Family Resource Centres, Walking Groups, Scouts, Girl Guides, Youth Clubs etc. 
  • Non-commercial community-based facilities providing community sport and physical activity opportunities for the community. 
  • Disability sports clubs and organisations providing opportunities for people with disabilities to engage in sport and physical activity opportunities. 
  • Other non-commercial clubs, groups or organisation’s whose primary function is sport and physical activity. 

Who should not apply? 

  • National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGB’s), Local clubs affiliated to NGBs, County Boards, County/Divisional structures etc. 
  • Individuals 
  • Commercial operations/facilities (gyms, bootcamps, hospitality services within clubs etc.) 
  • Clubs, groups, or organisations with sufficient funds to return to activity. 
  • Schools 

What can the Grant Scheme Cover? 

The Community Sport and Physical Activity Small Grant Scheme can cover costs associated with returning to activity as well as COVID-19 costs. The scheme is designed and intended to support return to sporting activities only. 

Eligible project items can include: 

  • Venue hire cost 
  • Overheads linked to facilitating a physical activity initiative including insurance, heating, light etc. 
  • Purchase of small-scale sports equipment (e.g. balls, bibs, cones, poles etc.) 
  • Education for volunteers (including but not limited to Safeguarding, Sports First Aid, Coaching Children, Physical Literacy, Disability Awareness Training, Disability Inclusion Training, Autism in Sport, Sports Specific Training) 
  • Physical activity initiatives that demonstrate they will facilitate a return to participation for club/ community members or increase participation through a new initiative with a focus on key target groups (low participation groups, disadvantaged communities, youth, older adults, people with a disability, women, men over 40). 
  • Open Day/Come & Try initiatives, social leagues or tournaments can be considered as part of a sustainable programme to increase membership/ return of members to physical activity. 
  • Activity specific resources (tutors, equipment, manuals etc.) 
  • Sports club initiatives supporting the development of minority sports. 
  • COVID-19 hygiene consumables (e.g. hand sanitizer, soap, face masks, gloves etc.) and venue/equipment cleaning costs. 
  • COVID-19 infrastructure costs (e.g. plexiglass screens, wall mounted dispensers, signage) 
  • COVID-19 related staff/volunteer training costs 

 Non-eligible project items: 

The following items are not eligible for funding under this scheme. 

  • Employment costs 
  • Club and community affiliation fees and travel costs 
  • Costs such as entertainment or prizes 
  • Legal fees 
  • CCTV equipment 
  • Project management/consultancy fees 
  • Purchase of lands or buildings 
  • Capital costs or major items of equipment.  
  • Feasibility studies 
  • Private or commercial operations 
  • Costs which are being paid for by another funder or department 
  • Initiatives which are being used as fundraisers. 

Funding Availability: 

The maximum amount of funding available per applicant is €1,000. 

Projects that provide opportunities for marginalised groups, people with disabilities, target disadvantaged communities or support the wider community to get active will be positively received. 

Funding amounts offered to successful applicants may be reduced if the scheme becomes oversubscribed. 

Scheme Timelines & Requirements: 

The following timelines and requirements apply to all projects applying for support through the Community Sport and Physical Activity Small Grant Scheme. 

Expenditure Timelines: 

Expenditure dating from 1st January 2021 to 1st September 2022 can be included for consideration in applications. 

Selection Criteria & Approval: 

  • All applications will be acknowledged by RSP following the deadline for receipt of applications on 8th of August 
  • All applications will be evaluated by RSP to ensure eligibility. In some cases, additional information may be required by the evaluation team to complete the evaluation process. This will be conducted by email or phone depending on the nature of the query. 
  • Successful applicants will be issued grant agreements to proceed to the drawdown phase of the scheme. Unsuccessful applicants will be issued letters outlining the reason they were deemed unsuccessful for this scheme. 
  • Each successful applicant will be required to submit receipts and photographic evidence of the project approved before funding will be issued. All reports and receipts are required to be submitted by 30th of September 2022. If this is not possible, please contact Roscommon LSP. 
  • If selected as part of a random audit, arrange a suitable date and time for a member of the RSP team to visit to document and review the project completed and items purchased through the scheme. 


  • The applicant is required to have a bank account in the name of the applying club/group/organisation. In exceptional circumstances, a successful applicant who does not have a bank/credit union account in the club/group/organisation’s name, Roscommon LSP may purchase the equipment on your behalf, subject to approval.  
  • Matched funding is not a requirement of this scheme. Items funded by a different scheme should not be included for consideration. 
  • Written evidence of a valid insurance policy may be requested by RSP where relevant. 
  • Proof of relevant documents/policies may be requested by RSP where relevant e.g. club constitution, safeguarding policy, health & safety policy etc. 
  • Any organisation applying that is registered for tax purposes must be tax compliant. Tax Clearance Access Number and Tax Reference number must be submitted for verification purposes. Please note: The applying organisation does not have to be registered for tax purposes. 
  • Only one application can be submitted per club/group/organisation. 
  • The online form must be filled out in one attempt, there is no facility to save the form and return to it at a later date. All questions included are listed below so applicants have all information to hand prior to completing the application form. 
  • No canvassing rules apply. Canvassing will result in disqualification from the scheme. 
  • Decision of the evaluation team will be final so please ensure you provide adequate information about your project. 

 No late applications will be accepted or considered. 

Closing Date: 

The closing date for receipt of applications is 8th of August 2022.

How to Apply: 

The Community Sport and Physical Activity Small Grant Scheme application form should be completed by an authorised club/group/organisation official. Either an online or hard copy of the application will be accepted, access online application link at https://form.jotform.com/221732750474354.

If you would prefer to print off a hard copy and post it in, you can download it here:

Community Sport and Physical Activity Small Grant Scheme 2022

The hard copy must be returned to Roscommon Sports Partnership, GRETB Offices, Lanesboro Street, Roscommon Town, F42 NA72 by the 8th of August to be considered.