This programme is an indoor athletics programme that specifically develops a child’s running, jumping and throwing skills. It consists of Track & Field Events and promotes multi skill development for kids from 3rd to 6th class.

There are numerous benefits that can be derived from the promotion of Sports Hall Athletics across Ireland as an indoor winter activity for children and why it should therefore be prioritised for investment and growth:

  • It focuses on the fundamentals of agility, balance, coordination, speed and introducing improved techniques.  It therefore serves as a foundation for all field sports, not just athletics
  • It is delivered in a fun manner with a focus on team athletics and as such is age appropriate for the children targeted
  • It successfully marries the conditions necessary for an enjoyable mass participation programme for children and a pathway into mainstream athletics for our future competitive athletes
  • A range of obstacle relay races using tunnels, folding hurdles, safe steppers and speed bounce equipment, when executed at speed develops all round athletic ability and motor skills

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